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Briana McGuckin

Briana McGuckin lives with her family in an old house they call “The Wilde.” She has cerebral palsy, and suspects that she took to writing as a child because her imagination leapt and bound in ways that her body could not. In her short time on this Earth, she has done many things; she has re-learned how to walk, she has spoken at the Library of Congress, and she has been pulled on-stage and sung to by Tim Curry. This is the first time her fiction has been professionally published, however, and she hopes this is the beginning of her grandest adventure yet. More about her may be found on her blog, Moon Missives: www.moonmissives.wordpress.com.

Hides the Dark Tower – Now Available for Pre-Order

Mysterious and looming, towers and Hides the Dark Towertower-like structures pierce the skies and shadow the lands. Hides the Dark Tower includes over two dozen tales of adventure, danger, magic, and trickery from an international roster of authors. Readers of science fiction, fantasy, horror, grimdark, campfire tales, and more will find a story to haunt their dreams. So step out of the light, and into the world of Hides the Dark Tower—if you dare.

Featuring fiction by Richard Chizmar, Alex Shvartsman, Rie Sheridan Rose, Jeff Stehman, Jonathan Shipley, Robert E. Waters, Evan Dicken, Anatoly Belilovsky, Brad Hafford, A.P. Sessler, Larry C. Kay, Jeremy M. Gottwig, Steven R. Southard, Kelda Crich, M.J. Ritchie, Edward McDermott, Ray Kolb, Andrew Gudgel, Jeremy Zimmerman, N.O.A. Rawle, Meg Belviso, Daniel Beazley, Briana McGuckin, Kane Gordon, Peter Schranz, G. Scott Huggins, Vonnie Winslow Crist, and Kelly A. Harmon, and featuring a poem by Laura Shovan.

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