Jonathan Shipley

Jonathan Shipley, a member of Science Fiction Writers of America, writes short stories and novels in the genres of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Last year he was one of eight finalists for the Washington Science Fiction Association’s Small Press Award with a whimsical story about Hell, and the After Death anthology where he was a contributing author won the 2014 Bram Stoker Award. His list of publications is pushing up to the half-century mark with a half-dozen additional stories sold and pending. With his short fiction on track, his on-going goal is to find a publishing home for his nine novels that range in a vast story arc from Nazi occultism to vampires to futuristic space opera. When not writing, he is immersed in the restoration of an old cattle baron’s mansion in Fort Worth, Texas, which occasionally he also uses as a setting for stories—though not the overly grim ones. A hundred-year-old mansion has enough strange noises in the night without creating causes over and above the usual old house shifting and creaking. A listing of his short fiction can be found at