A.P. Sessler

A.P. Sessler – A resident of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, A.P searches for that unique element that twists the everyday commonplace into the weird. When he’s not writing fiction, he composes music, dabbles in animation, and muses about theology and mind-hacking, all while watching way too many online movies. His short stories have appeared online at Human Echoes Podcast and Acidic Fiction, as well as print anthologies such as Zippered Flesh 2, Dandelions of Mars, Star Quake 2 and Cranial Leakage. Find A.P at https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6917738.A_P_Sessler, https://twitter.com/APSessler, https://www.facebook.com/AP-Sessler-259899174205799/timeline.